Who are we?

Our history

The Eclore project results from an academic exchange with Seoul National University, carried out by the founder to study space propulsion and naval architecture. Back in France, he obtained the status of student-entrepreneur through an incubation at Bellys in Lyon. Thus, the first technical studies on bending processes were carried out at the École des Mines de Saint-Etienne during his graduation project in 2019. The results being very promising, the company Eclore Actuators was created in Nantes, and hosted by the Nantes Créatic nursery of Nantes Métropole Aménagement, to finalise the feasibility studies.

The technological progress achieved in 2020 has led us to protect the innovation in France and internationally by filing patents. This year was also a step forward by the integration of the Atlanpole and IMT Atlantique business incubators. In 2021 first tests in real conditions with Beta-Testers customers are planned.


Gautier-Le Boulch


Gautier-Le Boulch