Discover how Eclore is pushing the boundaries of sound innovation with its tailor-made acoustic panels, thus contributing to a more comfortable and quiet flight experience in the aeronautics sector.

The challenges of acoustics in aeronautics

Aeronautics is a field where the comfort and safety of passengers are
primordial. However, noise and vibration on board aircraft can lead to an uncomfortable and tiring flying experience for passengers and crew. Reducing the noise level inside the cabin is therefore a major challenge for aircraft manufacturers.

Sound innovation by Eclore

Custom design

Eclore designs tailor-made acoustic panels to meet the specific needs of each aircraft and each airline. Thanks to an in-depth analysis of the acoustic characteristics of the aircraft, Eclore develops
Customized solutions that effectively target noise and vibration sources, providing a significant reduction in noise levels inside the cabin.

Innovative materials

Using cutting-edge acoustic materials and advanced manufacturing techniques, Eclore creates lightweight, durable panels that effectively absorb unwanted sound waves. These panels provide superior sound insulation
while complying with the highest safety and quality standards in the aeronautical industry.

Improved flight experience

Eclore's acoustic panels contribute to a more pleasant flight experience by reducing the noise level inside the cabin, allowing passengers
to relax and fully enjoy their trip. Additionally, reduced noise also helps reduce crew fatigue, thereby improving safety and well-being on board.

In the demanding field of aeronautics, sound innovation plays a vital role in creating a comfortable and safe flying experience. Thanks to its tailor-made acoustic panels, Eclore offers an effective solution to reduce noise levels inside aircraft, thus improving passenger comfort and efficiency.
operations of airlines. By combining its technical expertise with a personalized approach, Eclore is committed to providing high-quality acoustic solutions that meet the specific needs of the aviation industry, thereby contributing to quieter and more enjoyable aviation for all.