Discover how Eclore offers advanced protection solutions for moving parts in the aeronautical sector, ensuring the safety, reliability and durability of the most critical aeronautical equipment.

Challenges of protecting moving parts in the aeronautical sector

In the aerospace industry, moving parts such as worms, linear axes and actuators are subjected to extreme conditions, including high temperatures, vibrations and heavy mechanical loads. The protection of these parts is essential to ensure the proper functioning of the systems and the safety of flights.

Tailor-made protection solutions by Eclore

Study of operating conditions

Eclore carries out an in-depth analysis of the operating conditions specific to each application in the aeronautical sector. This analysis takes into account the mechanical, thermal and environmental constraints to which moving parts are exposed, in order to design suitable protection solutions.

High performance coatings

Eclore offers a range of tailor-made coatings designed to provide maximum protection for moving parts. These coatings are formulated to resist extreme temperatures, vibrations and mechanical stress,
while ensuring effective lubrication and extended life of parts.

Anti-corrosion protection

In the harsh environment of aeronautics, corrosion is a major problem for moving parts. Eclore's protection solutions integrate
Advanced anti-corrosion technologies to prevent corrosion and ensure equipment reliability, even in harsh environmental conditions.

In the demanding aeronautics sector, the protection of moving parts is crucial to ensure the safety and reliability of systems. With its tailor-made protection solutions, Eclore offers an effective response to the challenges of protecting aeronautical equipment, thus helping companies in the sector to maintain
high standards of safety and performance. By combining its technical expertise with a personalized approach, Eclore is committed to providing superior protection solutions that meet the specific needs of each application in the aeronautical sector.