About us

Our company

Eclore is a French company, based in Nantes since 2019. Our activity is the design, production and sales of products based on our unique bending technology. We seek to improve existing industrial components by drastically increasing their energy efficiency through weight and size reduction. Research and development is an important part of our business to be always more innovative.

Our history

Eclore Actuators was created by Pierre Gautier-Le Boulch after his engineering graduation in 2019. During a university exchange in Seoul, he was trained in the use of folding in the field of space propulsion. Since his return to France, Pierre had the idea to create a first machine to automate the folding process, which is the limiting factor of this shaping process. The first results being promising, his end-of-study project was transformed into a company.

Since then, the team has grown and we are now a dozen employees with various skills in sales, mechanical, electronic and computer.