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Kit 100mm | Protective bellow + Adapters + Clamps | Stroke from 700mm to 800mm

Kit 100mm | Protective bellow + Adapters + Clamps | Stroke from 700mm to 800mm

Stroke [mm]
Fixation A - Diameter [mm]
Fixation B - Diameter [mm]
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Technical information

  • Shock, Abrasion

  • Ultraviolet

  • -40°C to + 80°C

  • Hydrocarbons, Solvents

Description A protective bellows, up to two adapters, two clamps.

⌀A Adapter A: Internal diameter mm
⌀B Adapter B: Internal diameter mm
⌀S Outside diameter of the bellows mm
Stroke Maximum bellows mm
Lmax Maximum length of extended bellows mm
Lmin Minimum length of compressed bellows mm
Ld Active length of the extended bellows mm
Lc Active length of the compressed bellows mm
H Height for the adapter socket mm
⌀C Diameter of the maximum encumbrance mm
⌀D Minimum diameter inside the compressed bellows mm
Poids g
Schéma avec cotations des adapatateurs et soufflet de protection Eclore.

Can't find your happiness?

Let the configurator guide you.

Photo d'un kit de soufflet de protection Eclore. Vue éclatée de l'ensemble colliers, adaptateur et soufflet.

One Size, One Adapter

We have imagined a modular solution to meet the different equipments sizes in order to guarantee controlled sealing.

The foam adapter allows an easy installation of the bellows. It meets the same resistance characteristics as the bellows part.

Pollution stays outside

By default, our protective bellows are equipped with ventilation eyelets to ensure good air circulation. The stainless steel mesh limits the entry of external contamination.

Solutions with higher filtration capacity can be fitted if required.

Easy to install in 2 minutes

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