In the food industry, where product variety is immense and precise food handling is essential, efficiently gripping products of varying shapes and sizes represents a major challenge. Eclore, a leader in the field of industrial innovation, offers innovative solutions to meet this challenge, thus providing optimal gripping performance in environments
demanding agri-food industries.

Gripping challenges in the food industry

The diversity of food products, whether fruit, vegetables, meat, fish or processed products, presents unique gripping challenges. Irregular shapes, varying sizes and fragility of products require precise and adaptive handling solutions to ensure efficient processing throughout the production chain.

Innovative solutions from Eclore for the food industry

Eclore offers a complete range of gripping solutions specially
designed to meet the complex needs of the food industry. Through a combination of advanced technology and custom design, Eclore's solutions deliver exceptional gripping performance for even the most delicate and difficult to handle products.

Advantages of Eclore gripping solutions


Eclore's gripping solutions are designed to accommodate a wide variety of product shapes and sizes, providing unparalleled versatility in dynamic food and beverage environments.


Thanks to advanced gripping mechanisms and high-precision sensors, Eclore's solutions ensure precise handling of products, reducing the risk of damage and waste.

Food Safety

The materials used in Eclore's gripping solutions are certified for food use, thus guaranteeing the safety and regulatory compliance of the products handled.

Operational efficiency

By automating gripping processes, Eclore's solutions optimize production flows, improve productivity and reduce labor costs.

In the food industry, where precise product gripping is essential to guarantee the quality, safety and efficiency of operations, Eclore's gripping solutions stand out for their exceptional performance and adaptability. By offering tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of each application, Eclore positions itself as a trusted partner for food companies seeking to optimize their product handling processes.