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Step 1: I choose the shape of my ideal bellows

Step 2: I will choose the characteristics and fixings of my bellows

Using our online configurators, define the ideal bellows in 2 minutes to obtain a tailor-made proposal. To start, choose the desired shape:

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Your tailor-made bellows

We are fully aware that each application has its unique specificities. This is why we offer you the tailor-made creation of your bellows, perfectly adapted to your needs. Transform your ideas into reality by providing us with the dimensions necessary to design a bellows adjusted to your environment.

Soufflet plat en polypropylène

Durable and effective protection

The flat protective gusset, shaped in one piece using our folding machines, guarantees long resistance over time.

Its polymer composition provides reliable protection against dust, debris and fluids, reducing mechanical stress and preventing premature failure, helping to extend the life of equipment.

With its low weight and reduced bulk , the flat bellows is ideal for tight spaces, thus simplifying installation and maintenance. Perfect for protecting linear axes such as guide rails and worm gears.

Fixing our tailor-made bellows

We have designed a modular solution to accommodate various on-site configurations, ensuring precise seal control.

Several options:

  • Velcro allows easy installation of the flat bellows. One part is directly fixed on the flat bellows and the second will be installed directly on site.

  • A tailor-made mounting flange with a minimum thickness of 4mm for space-saving installations.

Unique manufacturing without stiffener

Our flat bellows are manufactured without internal stiffeners, which allows them to achieve minimal compactness without compromising their strength.

Indeed, the rigidity of the folding allows the flat bellows to hold without buckling and to resist loads and shocks.

Geometries on demand

Depending on the needs of your equipment, we offer different bellows geometries: U-shaped, flat and L- shaped to meet a multitude of scenarios.
Our design office is also able to offer tailor-made geometries according to your specific applications and assemblies .

Qualité industrielle soufflets plats Eclore

Industrial quality

Each flat bellows that we manufacture is provided with a unique identification, guaranteeing optimal traceability at each stage, from design to delivery. Our commitment to exceptional durability results in resistance to heavy cycling, with a lifespan of 10 million cycles.