Pliage Eclore

A unique industrial folding process

Dynamic industrial origami folding is a unique technology combining the creativity of traditional origami with the rigor and precision of industrial technology. This merger offers innovative solutions to solve complex problems in various
activity area.

A quality approach

Find out how our rigorous approach to quality is reflected in each of our achievements by visiting our page dedicated to our quality approach.

Technologie de pliage logiciel

A patented innovation worldwide

Explore the innovative world of Eclore , based in Nantes, where the tradition of origami meets cutting-edge technologies. Our company proudly holds patented polymer folding technology , revolutionizing global industrial standards. Thanks to our exclusive processes, we reduce the weight and size of products while optimizing their energy performance.

  • flexibilité et adaptabilité

    Flexibility and adaptability

    Dynamic industrial origami folding allows the creation of flexible, adaptable and controllable structures, providing great flexibility in the shapes, sizes and functions of structures, particularly valuable in many industrial fields.

  • Réduction des coûts et des matériaux

    Reduction of costs and materials

    This process reduces the amount of materials needed for
    complex structures, generating significant savings in production costs and contributing to more sustainable manufacturing processes.

  • Simplifying assembly

    Industrial folding techniques often simplify the assembly of structures, reducing the labor required and speeding up the
    production process.

  • Applications diverses

    Various applications

    Industrial folding finds applications in aerospace, robotics, architecture, medical device manufacturing, etc.
    For example, in the design of foldable solar panels,
    lightweight structures for space vehicles, packaging
    intelligent and self-deployable robots.

  • Recherche continue

    Continued research

    Dynamic industrial origami folding is an ever-evolving area of ​​research, with new discoveries and innovations constantly expanding its possibilities and applications.

  • Compacité et légèreté

    Compact and lightweight

    This approach ensures greater energy efficiency, and facilitates seamless integration into tight spaces, offering solutions tailored to the challenges of industry.

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