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Step 1: I choose the shape of my ideal lifting tube

Step 2: Choosing the features and fastenings for my lifting tube

Use our configurators to define your ideal lifting tube in just 2 minutes, and get a customized proposal. To begin, select the desired diameter:

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Your customized lifting tube

We are fully aware that each application has its own unique characteristics. That's why we can custom-design your bellows, perfectly adapted to your needs. Turn your ideas into reality by providing us with the dimensions needed to design a lifting tube tailored to your environment.

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Lifting tube: A versatile solution for your lifting needs

Discover our lifting tube, an innovative product designed to meet your lifting needs in a wide range of industrial applications.

Available in diameters of 70 mm and 100 mm (with options coming soon for 140 mm and 200 mm), our lifting tube offers a versatile solution for different loads and working environments.

Unrivalled flexibility

Featuring strokes of up to 1000 mm (with options coming soon for 1500 mm) and the ability to connect 2 to 3 tubes for increased lifting capacities, our lifting tube offers unrivalled flexibility to adapt to your specific needs. Whether you work in the food industry, where FDA compliance is essential, or in environments requiring high-pressure cleaning, our lifting tube is designed to meet the most stringent standards.

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A reliable, environmentally-friendly solution

Made from high-grade polymer, our lifting tube guarantees minimum weight and exceptional service life. Its compact design allows a maximum ratio of up to 10, ensuring efficient use of space in your installation. What's more, our lifting tube is fully recyclable at end-of-life, making it an environmentally-friendly option for your business.