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Find out more about our bellows application solutions for gas cylinders in all sectors of activity.

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Your customized bellows

For prototypes or the manufacture of mass-produced parts, Eclore puts its expertise in engineering and advanced tooling at your disposal, ensuring precise design and production in line with your specifications. Discover how our custom bending solutions can improve the performance and safety of your equipment.

Soufflet pour vérin à gaz vue intérieure

Bellows for gas springs: robustness and performance

Discover our gas spring bellows, a must-have for protecting your gas springs while ensuring optimum performance. Available in a range of diameters from 35 to 100 mm, and with strokes from 0 to 1000 mm, our gas spring bellows are designed to suit a variety of industrial applications.

With exceptional resistance to UV, solvents, oils, shock and dust, our bellows guarantee reliable, long-lasting protection for your gas springs. Made from high-quality polymer, it offers a robust, reliable solution for extending the life of your equipment.

Compact, ergonomic design for easy integration

Compact and space-saving, our gas spring bellows require no extra rod length, making them easy to install on site. Its minimalist design ensures easy integration into your systems, while providing optimum protection and uncompromising performance. The top of our gas spring bellows is transparent to allow easy inspection of the bellows interior.

Soufflet vérin à gaz vue côté

The gas cylinder bellows that keeps your equipment running longer

One of the advantages of our gas cylinder bellows is its compact, durable design. Made from polymer with non-stick properties, it allows easy cleaning even under high pressure, ensuring efficient maintenance and long service life.

Easy to install, our gas spring bellows offer simple mounting thanks to custom diameters that attach directly to the gas spring rod. This one-piece design effectively protects the rod against impact and the ingress of dust and oil, ensuring optimum operation of your equipment.