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Robot SCARA protection axe vertical

Step 1: I find my ideal bellows

Protect your SCARA robots today with our origami folding technology and extend their service life. Contact us for a solution tailored to your needs.

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Your custom SCARA robot protection

For prototypes or mass production of parts, Eclore offers you its expertise in engineering and advanced tooling, ensuring precise design and manufacture to your specifications. Find out how our customized bending solutions can improve the performance and safety of your SCARA robots.

Protection robot SCARA

Extend the life of your SCARA robots with the right protective devices

Our protectors are designed to fit your SCARA robots, ensuring complete sealing of the top and bottom sections, including the vertical axis, and guaranteeing optimum protection against external aggression. Assembly is simplified for rapid installation. Thanks to their robust, adaptable design, our guards ensure uninterrupted, reliable performance in a wide range of industrial environments.

4-part bottom section protection

The upper interface features internal or external welding to ensure solid, durable attachment. Drilling and tapping ensure precise assembly, guaranteeing effective protection of the SCARA robot. The protective bellows is the core element of our SCARA robot solution, designed to provide an effective barrier against contaminants such as dust, solvents and oils. The SPI rotary shaft seal ensures a perfect seal around the rotating axis of your SCARA robot. The lower interface, with its internal soldering, guarantees a solid, reliable connection with the rest of the system.

Vue zoom protection robot SCARA soufflet

Various diameters and resistant materials

Our SCARA robot guards are available in several diameters (35mm, 50mm, 70mm, 100mm) and can be adapted to suit your specific applications. They operate efficiently over a temperature range from -40°C to 80°C. The materials used are UV, solvent, oil, shock and dust resistant.

Protection robot SCARA compact et léger

Durability and health compliance of SCARA robot covers

With a service life of 10 million cycles, our guards guarantee remarkable longevity, reducing maintenance costs and downtime. They are also suitable for use in food environments (FDA compliant) and can be cleaned at high pressure, meeting strict sanitary requirements.

Solution de protection pour robot SCARA vue intérieure

A turnkey solution

Our turnkey solution includes a protective bellows and mounting accessories that we can define together to meet your specific requirements.

We offer customized mounting flanges, specially designed for rapid installation on SCARA robots, as well as custom bearings to ensure smooth, friction-free rotation of the SCARA axis.