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Your tailor-made bellows

Well aware that each application is unique, we offer you the possibility of creating your tailor-made bellows, perfectly adapted to your specific needs. Transform your ideas into reality by providing us with all the dimensions required to design a bellows that perfectly fits your environment.

Soufflet de protection cylindrique en Kapton

Un soufflet de protection à toute épreuve

The cylindrical protective bellows, designed in one piece using our folding machines , simply expands and contracts, ensuring its long resistance over time.

Its polymer material provides reliable protection against the ingress of dust, debris and fluids.

This innovative design reduces mechanical stress, minimizes wear and prevents premature failure, helping to extend equipment life.

The low weight and compact size of the protective bellows make it an ideal choice for applications where space is limited, while simplifying installation and maintenance.

The cylindrical bellows is perfectly suitable for protecting axes such as cylinder rods and worm screws.

Fixation de soufflet de protection cylindrique

Fixing our tailor-made bellows

We have designed a modular solution to meet the different diameter sizes in order to guarantee controlled sealing.

Several options:

  • The foam adapter allows for easy installation of the bellows. It meets the same resistance requirements as the bellows part. The standard thickness is 15mm. We can reduce the thickness on a case by case basis.

  • A tailor-made fixing plate with a minimum height of 4mm for space-saving installations.
Qualité indsutrielle des soufflets de protection

Industrial quality

Each bellows we produce has a unique identification , ensuring optimal traceability at each stage of its journey, from design to delivery. We are also committed to providing exceptional durability. Our bellows are designed to withstand heavy duty cycling, with a lifespan of 10 million cycles.

Filtration oeillet soufflet de protection cylindrique

Optimal filtration of our bellows

By default, our bellows are equipped with a ventilation eyelet to ensure good air circulation. The stainless steel grid limits the entry of external contamination.

Depending on your needs, a tailor-made superior filtration solution can be equipped.


What attacks does an Eclore protective bellows protect against?

  • Eclore protective bellows are designed to isolate the mechanical component from the outside. Folding technology offers the best compromise between rigidity and shock absorption.

    In the case of applying the protection of a cylinder, the protective bellows isolates the rod and the joints from the working environment of the
    following attacks:

  • Mechanical : Scratches, Shocks

  • Environmental : Picketing, Ultraviolet, Dust, Sap

  • Chemicals : Solvents, Oils, Hydrocarbons

Protective bellows in range or tailor-made?

We offer two options:

  • The EPBL range includes standardized bellows. The stroke varies with a step of 100mm. Primary diameters are 35, 50, 70 and 100mm. The diameter possibilities are extended thanks to the adapters of

  • Custom made. Our dedicated design office is there to study the feasibility of an installation. We invite you to use the online configurator
    in order to facilitate exchanges. The configurator allows you to retrieve the essential dimensions to choose the pattern of the protective bellows, its diameter, its stroke and its fixings.

How to install a protective bellows?

Traditionally, installing a protective boot can be a tedious task requiring the use of tools such as a hydraulic clamp or expansion cone.

We have redesigned the installation so that it can be done by anyone without special tools.

Our promise, installation in 2 minutes without complete disassembly of the cylinder.