In the demanding field of the food industry, where hygiene, safety and quality standards are essential, the protection of equipment is essential to guarantee optimal operation of machines. Protective bellows, a cutting-edge innovation offered by Eclore, prove to be essential allies in ensuring the safety and longevity of moving parts, such as screws.
endless, linear guides and cylinders.

Protection of moving parts in the food industry

In the food industry, where working conditions are often extreme, with variations in temperature, pressure and humidity, mechanical equipment is subject to significant constraints. Worm screws, used in conveyor systems, linear guides ensuring precise movement of machines, and cylinders used for various lifting and pressing operations, are
particularly exposed to wear and contamination.

The innovation of Eclore protective bellows

Eclore's protective bellows are specially designed to meet
to the demanding needs of the food industry. They provide effective protection against contaminants such as dust, liquids and chemicals, while ensuring optimal sealing.

Advantages of Eclore protective bellows

💪 Resistance to contaminants

Eclore bellows are resistant to a wide range of contaminants commonly found in the food industry environment, ensuring the protection of vital equipment parts.

🌱 Sustainability

Thanks to their robust design, Eclore bellows are extremely durable, providing long-term protection and reducing maintenance costs.

👌 Ease of installation

Eclore bellows are easy to install and adapt to a variety of equipment configurations, allowing for seamless integration into existing production lines.

✏️ Customized

Eclore offers tailor-made solutions to meet specific needs
of each application, thus guaranteeing optimal protection of moving parts in the food industry.

In the food industry, where safety and quality are absolute imperatives, equipment protection is a major concern. Eclore's protective bellows are positioned as a reliable and innovative solution to ensure the safety and durability of moving parts, thus contributing to the efficiency and profitability of operations in this crucial sector.