Discover how Eclore is pushing the boundaries of protection in the defense sector with its tailor-made solutions designed to meet the unique challenges faced by military equipment.

Protection challenges in the defense sector

Protecting military equipment is crucial to ensuring the safety of soldiers in the field and the reliability of weapons systems. Protection challenges in the defense sector include resistance to ballistic impacts, protection against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) threats, as well as minimizing detection by enemy surveillance systems.

The development of tailor-made protection by Eclore

Ballistic protection:

Eclore develops tailor-made ballistic protection solutions, using advanced composite materials and innovative manufacturing techniques to provide maximum protection against projectiles and shrapnel. These solutions are designed to meet the strictest ballistic standards and ensure safety
soldiers on the ground.

CBRN protection:

CBRN threats represent a growing danger on the modern battlefield. Eclore offers tailor-made protection solutions against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents, including protective suits, respiratory filters and decontamination equipment designed to minimize exposure to toxic agents and ensure the safety of operators.

Anti-detection protection:

To avoid detection by enemy surveillance systems, Eclore develops tailor-made protection solutions using special materials and coatings to reduce the thermal, acoustic and radar signature of military equipment. These solutions enable armed forces to conduct stealth operations with minimal risk of enemy detection.