Discover how Eclore offers tailor-made protection solutions to guarantee the durability and reliability of special machines in various industrial sectors.

Protection challenges in the special machinery sector

Specialty machines are often subjected to extreme operating conditions, exposing moving parts such as worms, linear guides and cylinders to premature wear and deterioration. The protection of these parts is essential to ensure the proper functioning and longevity of the
special machines.

Tailor-made protection solutions by Eclore

Risk Assessment

Eclore carries out a thorough risk assessment to identify critical areas requiring protection in special machines. This analysis makes it possible to determine the most suitable protection solutions for each
application, taking into account specific sector constraints and performance requirements.

Custom design

Through its design and manufacturing expertise, Eclore offers tailor-made protection solutions to meet the unique needs of special machines. Whether to protect worm screws against abrasion, linear guides
against contaminants or cylinders against shocks and vibrations, Eclore develops solutions adapted to each application.

High performance materials

Eclore's protection solutions are made from high-performance materials offering exceptional resistance to wear, corrosion and
harsh environmental conditions. These materials ensure reliable and long-lasting protection of moving parts, reducing downtime and maintenance costs associated with special machines.

In the demanding sector of special machines, the protection of moving parts is essential to guarantee the durability and reliability of the equipment. With its tailor-made protection solutions, Eclore offers an effective response to the challenges of protection in special machines, thus helping companies maximize the lifespan and performance of their industrial equipment. By combining its technical expertise with a personalized approach, Eclore is committed
to provide superior quality protection solutions that meet the specific needs of each customer in the special machinery sector.