Discover how Eclore offers specialized protection solutions to ensure the reliability and durability of robotic systems, with a focus on 7th axis protection.

Protection challenges in the robotics sector

In the field of industrial robotics, protecting systems from damage, contamination and wear is essential to ensure their proper functioning and longevity. The 7th axis, which controls the vertical movement of a robot, is particularly susceptible to damage and requires special protection to ensure its operational reliability.

7th Axis Protection Solutions by Eclore

Custom design

Eclore offers tailor-made protection solutions specially designed for the 7th axis of robotic systems. By analyzing the specific needs of each application, Eclore develops adapted protections which guarantee
optimal coverage and perfect compatibility with the robot's movements.

High performance materials

Eclore's 7th axis protectors are made from high quality materials, offering exceptional resistance to abrasion, chemicals and
to rigorous environmental conditions. These durable materials provide reliable and long-lasting protection of the robotic system, reducing the risk of damage and malfunctions.

Ease of installation

Eclore's 7th axis protection solutions are designed for easy and quick installation, minimizing downtime and costs associated with maintenance. Thanks to their intelligent design and secure fixings, the
Guards can be installed without disrupting robot operation, ensuring seamless integration into the production environment.

In the demanding sector of industrial robotics, protection of the 7th axis is essential to ensure the reliability and performance of robotic systems. With its tailor-made protection solutions, Eclore offers an effective response to the challenges of protecting the 7th axis, thus helping companies in the robotics sector to maximize the reliability of their operations. By combining its technical expertise
With a personalized approach, Eclore is committed to providing superior quality protection solutions that meet the specific needs of each application in the robotics sector.