In the space domain, protecting equipment and instruments against the extreme conditions of space is essential to ensure the success of space missions. Discover how Eclore is pushing the boundaries of space engineering with its tailor-made protection solutions, designed to withstand the hostile environments of space.

Protection challenges in space

Space missions face a multitude of dangers, including extreme temperatures, harmful radiation and micrometeorite impacts. Protecting space equipment from these hazards is crucial to ensure their proper functioning and structural integrity throughout the mission.

The development of tailor-made protection by Eclore

Thermal protection:

Extreme space temperatures can damage space equipment and compromise its functionality. Eclore develops tailor-made thermal protection solutions, using high-performance materials to insulate equipment from temperature variations and thermal shock. These protections guarantee the proper functioning of the equipment in the
the most extreme environments in space.

Protection against regolith:

Regolith, the abrasive dust found on the surface of some celestial bodies, can damage space equipment during landing or takeoff. Eclore offers tailor-made protective solutions to prevent regolith damage, including special coatings and physical barriers designed to protect equipment from abrasive particles.

Protection against radiation:

Space radiation, such as solar and cosmic radiation, can damage electronic components and affect the health of astronauts. Eclore develops tailor-made radiation protection solutions, using advanced shielding materials and techniques to minimize exposure to
radiation and guarantee the safety of equipment and people on board space missions.

In the space sector, protecting equipment and instruments against the extreme conditions of space is a major challenge. With its tailor-made protection solutions, Eclore pushes the limits of space engineering, offering innovative and reliable solutions to protect space equipment against the dangers of
space. Through its expertise and commitment to innovation, Eclore helps ensure the success of space missions and opens new frontiers in space exploration.