Préhenseur pour robot

Based on the origami folding process, Eclore has developed a range intended for gripping for an innovative approach which provides significant advantages in terms of flexibility, lightness, repeatability and versatility in the field of robotic manipulation.

Eclore technology
Préhenseur ventouse

These grippers operate in a vacuum and are very versatile thanks to the flexibility of folding, easily adapting to the size and geometry of the parts to be gripped. They thus combine the height compensator and ball joint functions in a single component.

Compact, lightweight, innovative and configurable vacuum grippers

Compact & lightweight

A range of compact, lightweight and robust vacuum grippers.

It is an easy-to-integrate solution to automate a gripping action in an environment.


Folding increases gripping efficiency through the compactness, flexibility and versatility offered by folding.

Simple installation

Standardized fixings allow attachment to all types of accessories: suction cups, robotic plates, pneumatic fittings, etc.

Resistance fighters

Made of polymer, the gripper is resistant to UV rays and splashes of solvents and lubricants. The one-piece design extends its lifespan.

It also allows great flexibility thanks to its stroke which can reach 1,000 mm compared to 50 mm on a standard solution.


Pneumatic fitting locations and sizes are configurable.

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