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Soufflet de protection cylindrique en polypropylène

Eclore protective bellows: designed to exceed your expectations

The first born in the Eclore range, our protective bellows have been designed to be resistant, compact and durable. Resistant to oils, solvents, shock, dust and UV rays, they have great flexibility, adapting to all the constraints linked to your activity.

A tailor-made protection solution for each application

The Eclore range of protective bellows is available in two families to cover all your applications: cylindrical bellows from the EPBL range and flat bellows from the EPBF range. If you cannot find what you are looking for, our design office is ready to create tailor-made solutions adapted to your specific dimensions and environment.

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What attacks does an Eclore protective bellows protect against?

Eclore protective bellows are designed to isolate the mechanical component from the outside. The folding technology of our bellows offers the best compromise between rigidity and shock absorption. Find below some of the materials used depending on the environments. Our design office is able to study new materials according to your needs.

PP -40 to 80°C Hydrocarbon,impacts,acids, UV Industrial, robotic
Nomex -55 to 220°C Heat, chemical traction Aeronautic, defense
Kapton −269 to 400°C Thermal, radiation Spatial, X-Ray
Soufflet de protection

We offer two protective bellows options:

  • The EPBL range includes standardized bellows. The stroke varies with a step of 100mm. Primary diameters are 35, 50, 70 and 100mm. The diameter possibilities are extended thanks to the fixing adapters.

  • Custom made. Our dedicated design office is there to study the feasibility of an installation. We invite you to use the online configurator to facilitate exchanges. It allows you to retrieve the essential dimensions to choose the pattern of the protective bellows, its diameter, its stroke and its fixings.
Installation du soufflet de protection

Simplified bellows installation

Traditionally, installing a protective boot can be a tedious task requiring the use of tools such as a hydraulic clamp or expansion cone.

We have redesigned the installation so that it can be done by anyone without special tools.

Our promise, installation in 2 minutes without complete disassembly of the cylinder.

Notre soufflet de protection monté en 2 minutes par Mathieu