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Origami innovation for rodless actuators

Actuation via rodless pneumatic cylinders is an innovative method that combines the art of origami with industrial techniques to create flexible and durable mechanical actuators, suitable for a wide range of applications in industry and robotics.

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Eclore cylinders for optimized performance

Based on the origami folding process , Eclore has developed a range intended for actuation for an innovative approach which provides significant advantages in terms of compactness, lightness, and energy consumption in the field of pneumatic actuators and cylinders.

Vérin Eclore Actionneur

Multiple applications for industry

The low weight and reduced volume of the Eclore cylinders make them an ideal choice for industry but also for more complex environments such as aeronautics, defense or space. The actuators can thus be used directly or used to design deployable structures, triggers or shock absorbers. Our design office is able to study your various projects to provide you with a suitable response .

Compact, lightweight, innovative and configurable actuators

Compact & lightweight

A range of lightweight and robust pneumatic actuators. It is an easy-to-integrate solution to automate movement in an environment.


Folding increases the efficiency of movement through the compactness, lightness and versatility offered by folding.

Simple installation

Standardized fixings allow attachment to all types of accessories: standardized flanges, plates, pneumatic fittings, etc.

Resistance fighters

Made of plastic material, the actuator is resistant to UV rays, splashes of solvents and lubricants. The one-piece design extends its lifespan.


Pneumatic fitting locations and sizes are configurable.

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