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Expert in polymer folding

Based in Nantes, Eclore innovates with patented folding processes, drawing its inspiration from origami. Our expertise in polymer folding is revolutionizing industrial standards by significantly reducing product weight and size, providing solutions state of the art of energy efficiency.

They trust us with our folding

Eclore develops tailor-made folding solutions from small to large series.

Our professions in folding

We strive to significantly improve the energy efficiency of existing industrial components by significantly reducing their weight and bulk, through protection, gripping, activation and tailor-made solutions.

A unique polymer folding process

Our expertise extends to the bending of polymer tubes and sheets, using a process unique in the world . This exceptional know-how opens up new perspectives for rethinking traditional mechanical applications. Folding gives many advantages to our products:

  • Compact
  • Light
  • From tiny to gigantic
  • Resistant and durable
  • Chemically inert

Support for exceptional folding: from design to production

Our skills in machine manufacturing and folded product design allow us to support you from the formulation of needs to industrialization.

  • Multi-skill : Materials, Mechanics, IT, Electronics, Acoustics
  • In-house prototyping and machining capability
  • Our technical values : Simplicity and industrial pragmatism.

Tailor-made folding solutions for all industries

We specialize in components and solutions for increasing the energy performance of industries through protection , gripping , activation and tailor-made solutions.

Contact our design office


Your project is unique, and we are here to support you. Our design office listens to your needs. Contact us to explore together the opportunities offered by our expertise in polymer folding.

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