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Robot gaine porte câbles

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Your customized cable carrier sheath

For prototypes or the manufacture of mass-produced parts, Eclore puts its expertise in engineering and advanced tooling at your disposal, ensuring precise design and production in line with your specifications. Discover how our custom bending solutions can improve the performance and safety of your equipment.

Entretoise à fixer sur le robot avant l’outil

Optimum guidance thanks to origami folding

Our origami cable carrier uses special geometry to guide cables and hoses with precision.

Each fold is designed to ensure smooth, unobstructed cable movement, preventing tangles and breaks.

With our dresspack, you can rest assured that your cables are optimally protected and guided with every robot movement, no matter how complicated.

Our cable sheath offers exceptional torsion and maximum flexibility thanks to our bending technology.

Easy assembly of the dresspack

Assembly of our cable carrier is quick and easy, saving you time and effort during installation on your robot.

Designed as a single component, our cable sheaths fit together easily, enabling tool-free assembly. The components in our kit connect easily to each other, without the need for special tools, enabling you to install the sheath quickly and easily on your robot.

The length of the bellows is tailor-made, and a twisting option is available on one or more of the bellows.

Fixation gaine porte-câble avec velcro

A cable carrier with good compression

Our cable-holding sheath provides good compression, ensuring that your cables stay in place even in the toughest environments.

Each component is designed to maintain constant pressure on the cables, preventing them from slipping or coming loose during robot operation. With our sheathing, you can rest assured that your cables will remain protected and secure.

Maintien des câbles aux extrémités gaine porte-câbles

Waterproof and durable for long service life

Designed to withstand the toughest conditions, our cable sheaths are waterproof and resistant to dust, UV rays and chemicals.

Our chain is designed to resist shock and vibration, ensuring maximum protection for your cables even in the most demanding environments.