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Vérin en origami léger

The Eclore Cylinder: energy savings and durability

The Eclore origami actuator, designed in a single piece using our folding machines , expands and contracts simply using the force of compressed air .

This cylinder does not have a rod. It is its body, made up of an Eclore bellows which acts as a piston. This innovative design reduces mechanical stress, minimizes wear and prevents premature failure, contributing to its optimal lifespan.

This results in a significant energy saving compared to conventional pneumatic cylinders. In fact, the Eclore actuator does not generate friction and therefore does not lose “useless” energy which penalizes current solutions.

The cylinder's low weight and compact footprint make it an ideal choice for applications where space is limited, while simplifying installation and maintenance.

The actuator is perfectly suited for clamping, press actions or for dispatching components on a production line.

Vérin Eclore Actionneur

Characteristics of our cylinders

We have developed a solution with different diameters to meet various applications.

The main characteristics of our actuators:

  • Low pressure compressed air operation : up to 5 bars .

  • Small stroke : up to 100mm .

Your tailor-made cylinder

Well aware that each application is unique, we offer you the possibility of creating your tailor-made cylinder, perfectly adapted to your specific needs. Transform your ideas into reality by providing us with all the dimensions required to design an actuator that perfectly fits your environment.

Vérin Eclore Actionneur

Optimal performance for reduced impact

By nature, we design our products taking into account their entire life cycle so that they are the most efficient and least energy-consuming . This is even more true for our actuator : its friction-eliminating design makes it an actuator with an optimal energy balance. In addition, being designed in a single material it is easy to recycle at the end of its life.